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Product Description

admenta 10mg  We are the prominent trader, wholesaler and supplier of high quality Admenta 10mg Tablet that is used to treat moderate to severe dementia caused by Alzheimer`s disease. Tablet offered by us is precisely processed with the help of well tested chemical compounds and sophisticated technology by our reliable vendors. Quality is the trademark of our company hence  assure our clients that this tablet is rigorously tested on numerous parameters our experts at the time of procurement.

Admenta 10mg Tab 10s Price :Rs. 155.00

Side Effects of Admenta 10mg Tab 10s:

admenta 10 Dizziness, Confusion, Headache, Constipation, Somnolence, Hallucinations, Tiredness, Vomiting, Anxiety, Abnormal Gait, Hypertonia, Cystitis And Increased Libido. Rarely, Psychotic Reactions, Pancreatitis.

Drug Interactions of Admenta 10mg Tab 10s:

admenta 10mg online May Increase Effects Of Antimuscarinics And Dopaminergics. May Reduce Effects Of Antipsychotics And Barbiturates. May Alter Effects Of Dantrolene, Baclofen. Reduced Clearance With Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors And Sodium Bicarbonate.

Mechanism of Action of Admenta 10mg Tab 10s:

admenta 10mg price Memantine, A Derivative Of Amantadine, Is A Noncompetitive N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA)-Receptor Antagonist. It Affects Transmission Of Glutamate, The Primary Excitatory Neurotransmitter In The CNS. Glutamate May Contribute To The Pathogenesis Of Alzheimer’s Disease By Overstimulating Various Glutamate Receptors Resulting In Excitotoxicity And Neuronal Cell Death. Absorption: Well Absorbed (Oral); Peak Plasma Concentrations In About 3-8 Hr. Distribution: Protein-Binding: Approx 45%. Metabolism: Partial Hepatic Metabolism; Main Metabolites Are N-3,5-Dimethyl-Gludantan And 1-Nitroso-3,5-Dimethyl-Adamantane. Excretion: Via Urine (Unchanged; Some Active Renal Tubular Secretion And Reabsorption Occurs). 60-100 Hr (Terminal Half-Life).

Special Precautions for Admenta 10mg Tab 10s:

admenta 10mg uses Renal Impairment; Epilepsy. Pregnancy And Lactation. Closely Monitor Patients With Recent Uncompensated CHF, Uncontrolled  Hypertension. Predisposition To Convulsions; Conditions That Increase Urinary PH.

BuyAdmenta 10Mg Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Substitutes, Composition .