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glucobay 50mg

Glucobay 50mg tablet

glucobay 50 mg tablet This tablet is typically used to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Even  you may not feel its effects, this medication takes effect within a few minutes.


This tablet  is typically used 3 times a , your doctor or pharmacist may have suggested a different schedule  is more appropriate for you. Important: Follow the instructions on the label.

sure to keep an adequate supply on hand.

If you skip a meal, skip your mealtime dose of this medication as well.

Additional Information

glucobay 50 mg used for This drug does not cause hypoglycemia. However, if hypoglycemia develops treatment, do not manage with sucrose  but opt for the following products: honey, corn syrup and glucose products specially formulated treat hypoglycemia.

What  precautions should I take when taking Acarbose :

Alert your doctor if you suffer from liver or kidney disease, bowel problems especially bowel inflammation, ulceration or blockage, problems with food digestion or absorption, or if you have had large hernias.

When do I need to seek medical help

jual glucobay 50 mg Seek help if you think there was an overdose or an allergic reaction. Signs of a very bad reaction to the drug include wheezing, chest tightness, fever; itching, bad cough, blue or gray skin color, seizures, or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat. Signs of infection include a fever of 100.5°F (38°C) or higher, chills, very bad sore throat, ear or sinus pain, cough, more sputum or change in color of sputum,you are feeling worse.

Can I take Acarbose with other medicines:

glucobay 50 mg online Acarbose should not be taken with antacids because antacids could make Acarbose less effective.  Always inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are taking any other, including herbal tonics, supplements and medicines that without a prescription.

Side effects

In addition to its desired, this medication may cause some side effects, notably:

  • it may cause headaches;
  • it may cause diarrhea;
  • it may cause stomach ache;
  • it may cause gas and bloating.

Each person may react differently to a treatment.


glucobay 50 mg dosis As with most medications, this product should be stored at room temperature. Keep it out of reach of young children. that any leftover portion is disposed of safely.

Are there any food restrictions

It is important for you to maintain a healthy diet and weight in order to help keep your diabetes under control. Avoid alcohol.

Buy Glucobay 50mg online with safe & secure pills