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Cenforce 25mg

What Is Cenforce 25mg ?

sildenafil citrate Sildenafil citrate Cenforce 25 mg is the active ingredient in Cenforce 25 mg. Cenforce 25 mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is the inability to get or maintain an erection. While ED is a common occurrence in men, if it is a chronic problem, it is important to get a checkup. Chronic ED can be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

How Cenforce 25 should be continued?

sildenafil citrate 100mg Cenforce 25 shall be taken only after consultation with registered medical practitioner. Your doctor will give you the details on how to take the drug, when to take the drug, & for how long? Generally, your doctor will advise you to take it on need basis, which is before sexual intercourse. Generally, it shall be taken 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse.

How to use Cenforce 25mg

sildenafil citrate online When taking Cenforce 25 mg, follow your doctor’s instructions. Do not start, stop, or change your dosage without consulting with your doctor.One Cenforce 25 mg tablet should be taken with a full glass of water. Do not chew, crush, or break the tablets.

There is little chance of experiencing an accidental overdose of Cenforce25 mg; as it is only taken when needed, not to exceed one tablet within a 24 hour period.

Cenforce 25mg  Dosage

sildenafil citrate 100 Take the drug as directed by your physician with or without food. Just remember the dosage needs to be taken about an hour before the sexual intercourse.

Dose of Cenforce 25 missed?

Generally, the dose is taken before sexual intercourse. However, if you have missed the dose. Do not take it more than once in a day. Shift to next dosing schedule which is mainly before next intercourse act.

Possible Side Effects of Cenforce 25mg

buy sildenafil citrate a generic Cenforce 25 mg can cause side effects some are common and should not last; others are serious and require medical attention.

If you experience any of these serious side effects, get medical attention immediately:

  • Chest pain
  • Fainting
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of vision
  • Pain in legs or back

Common side effects can include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
  • Stuffy nose
  • Flushing
  • Headache

Do not take Cenforce 25 mg is you also take:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antifungal medications
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Hepatitis c medications
  • Hiv/aids medications

This is only a partial list of the types of drugs that can interact with Cenforce 25 mg; ask your pharmacist for a complete list.

Cenforce 25 mg should not be taken if you have or are:

  • Allergic to sildenafil citrate or any of its ingredients
  • chronic bladder infections
  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • thyroid disorder

Cenforce25 mg  may cause dizziness; do not drive or operate machinery until you know how Cenforce 25 mg affects you.

If you experience an erection that is painful or lasts for more than four hours, seek medical attention immediately. A prolonged erection can cause permanent damage to the penis.

Buy Cenforce 25 mg online | Sildenafil Citrate Tablets 25 mg|